About Us

About The Brand

Sarab Khanijous legacy dates back to the beautiful hills of Uttarakhand where his great grandfather started the business of manufacturing tweed and opened up his own store where he sold coats and overcoats. The store in Mussoorie is still well known and recognized far and wide. The legacy was carried on for generations and then Sarab decided to move his base and dreams to the plains and thus STITCH was born in 2010 in New Delhi. He chose fall to begin this new chapter and started with a minimal number of coats which eventually transformed into a full blown collection of blazers, suits etc. He strongly believed in his dream of creating and designing a collection that would not only enchant buyers but give them a reason to celebrate themselves and hold it close to their hearts forever. Progressing gradually, learning the ropes of the business, understanding the market, the clientele - all the hard work and persistence finally turned fruitful and in 2015 he launched his individual design label known as Sarab Khanijou.

 The Motto

To keep creating collections that help him make a name for himself in the design industry. He aims to further expand and evolve his expertise and deep understanding of Indian couture. 

"To keep working till the oil runs out and then some more" is the dictum he follows.

His plans of seeing the label as a brand recognised globally is what keeps him going and working towards his goal. Customer satisfaction has always been an important goal as well and to create garments that are versatile and will last the client a long time.

 USP Of The Brand

The in-house design team spearheaded by Khanijou takes pleasure in everything from adding a dash of color blocking to a classic suit, manipulating fabrics and trying new embroidery techniques in our Indian couture segment to sitting in with our clients and designing outfits specially for their occasions.